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Barton Main Bathroom

Natural Stone Bathroom Sanctuary with Fluted Feature Wall.

3D Fluted & Natural Stone Textured Tiles: This natural stone bathroom with an exquisite 3D fluted feature wall, creates a visually stunning focal point. The timeless fluted tiles paired with our natural stone textured tiles provide a seamless and harmonious backdrop for your moments of relaxation.

Matt Stone Free standing bath: Indulge in the bespoke elegance of a matt stone freestanding bath, inviting you to unwind in the lap of luxury.

Light Ash Wooden Vanity unit: The light ash wooden vanity unit adds a touch of warmth, seamlessly merging functionality and aesthetics, creating a space where style meets practicality.

Black Accents: Black accents and a matching radiator bring a contemporary edge, balancing the organic tones of the natural stone with modern sophistication.

LED Lighting: The LED strip lighting around the feature wall delicately illuminates the space with a soft and inviting radiance. This thoughtful addition enhances the bathroom’s atmosphere, providing a balance of functionality and relaxation.

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