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Norlands Park En Suite

Matte Black Onyx and Marble En Suite

Elevated Opulence: A Modern Symphony in Matte Black Onyx and Marble

Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of modern luxury with our stunning bathroom installation, curated for the discerning homeowner who appreciates the perfect balance of opulence and contemporary design.

Matte Black Onyx and Marble with a Bronze Vein: Timeless Fusion Experience the allure of our matte black onyx tiles harmoniously paired with marble tiles featuring a bronze vein. This exquisite fusion seamlessly marries edgy modernity with classic elegance, creating a dynamic visual interplay that transforms your bathroom into a work of art.

LED Lit Wall Hung Toilet with Digital Flush Plate: Enlightened Functionality Witness the future of bathroom design with our LED-lit wall-hung toilet accompanied by a sleek digital flush plate. Beyond its space-saving design, this innovation brings a touch of modernity to your daily routine, providing a softly illuminated ambiance and an effortless, intuitive flush experience.

Bow Fronted Vanity Unit with Matt Glass Basin: Curves of Contemporary Chic Discover the sculptural elegance of our bow-fronted vanity unit, where curves meet contemporary chic. The matte glass basin crowning the unit adds a luxurious touch, turning your daily rituals into an indulgent experience. This piece not only captivates with its form but also seamlessly integrates functionality and style.

Brushed Bronze Taps and Shower: Subtle Grandeur Add an element of subtle grandeur with our brushed bronze taps and shower fixtures. The warm tones of brushed bronze delicately complement the bold textures of onyx and marble, infusing your space with a sense of refinement and understated luxury.

Infinity Wet Room Tray: Unveiling Unrestricted Elegance Transform your daily shower routine into a spa-like experience with our infinity wet room tray. This feature not only amplifies the feeling of spaciousness but also contributes to the overall sleek and uncluttered ambiance, offering a seamless blend of style and functionality.

In this curated ensemble, every element comes together to create a bathroom that is more than just a spaceā€”it’s a testament to modern design excellence. Elevate your home with the timeless beauty of matte black onyx, marble with a bronze vein, and a suite of contemporary fixtures that redefine the meaning of luxury.

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