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Pit Lane, Main Bathroom

Sculpted Sophistication: Satin Grey Marble and Anthracite Accents in a Luxurious Bathroom Sanctuary

Luxurious Foundations: Grey Satin Marble Tile

Step into a space adorned with the timeless allure of grey satin marble tiles. The soft sheen and refined texture create a luxurious foundation, setting the stage for a bathroom experience that embodies both elegance and serenity.

Statement Piece: Bespoke Anthracite Painted Freestanding Bath

At the heart of this installation is a bespoke anthracite painted freestanding bath—an exquisite statement piece that combines artistry with comfort. This meticulously crafted centrepiece invites indulgence and serves as a visual focal point, elevating the entire bathroom aesthetic.

Innovative Design: Raised Wet Deck

Experience bathing in a new light with the raised wet deck—a design innovation that seamlessly integrates into the space. Beyond enhancing accessibility, this feature adds a contemporary flair, redefining the bathing ritual with modern sophistication.

Modern Simplicity: Brushed Black Accents Double Drawer Vanity Unit

The marriage of functionality and style is exemplified by the double drawer vanity unit adorned with brushed black accents. Clean lines and dark contrasts bring modern simplicity to the forefront, offering ample storage and a bold touch of sophistication.

Effortless Elegance: Wall-Hung Toilet with Digital Flush Plate

Effortless elegance takes centre stage with the wall-hung toilet, featuring a discreet digital flush plate. This design not only optimizes space but also introduces a touch of smart technology, seamlessly enhancing both form and function in this contemporary bathroom setting.

Subtle Illumination: Recessed LED Strip Lighting

Crafting a play of light, recessed LED strip lighting adds a subtle yet impactful dimension to the space. Strategically placed, these lights create a gentle glow that highlights textures and details, fostering a tranquil ambiance for unwinding.

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